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Justina Shaw

Posted on 22 April 2013 by admin


  Single Entrepreneur Spotlight

  Justina Shaw

  Philadelphia, PA

  Founder of Opportunities-PA


1. My business and how I got started:
I have been an entrepreneur since I was 22 years old. I am founder of OPPORTUNITIES-PA a nonprofit for homeless teens and young adults and the Just Act Strategy firm to support individuals and companies making a positive impact in our world by providing solutions, tools and resources to ensure their sustainability. I love helping and empowering others to make their dreams a reality and creating real solutions for advancement. I started OPPORTUNITIES-PA after volunteering at a shelter and noticing the poor advice given to teens about their career goals. Just Act launched after a year of shadowing my mentor, a respected and established business consultant. I wanted to help the smaller businesses create frameworks to excel in their markets and generate revenue. Since the launch, I have supported companies in US, UK and South Africa.
2. Why my product/service is better than the competition:
Services are packed with passion and integrity! But past the emotional stuff, I provide investment and professional services to our clients/partners! Not a typical approach to success but we are committed to the longevity of our clients’ endeavors.
3. A typical day for me:
Pitching business ideas, following up with clients, social media updates, catching up with a friend, back to work, completing proposals and submitting follow-up from phone calls.
4. What I love most about my business:
I work for clients who inspire me and who are making a positive impact in the World.

5. I’m cool because:

I am.

6. If my friends nominated me for an award, it would be “Most Likely to…”
Inspire others to boldly lead.
7. A movie made about my life it would be named:
Driven: The Compassionate Midwestern Belle
8. Strangest thing you’d find in my fridge, wallet or closet:
The unique things you will find in my closet are two traditional Nigerian dresses.
9. Personal qualities I admire most in others:
Overall: purpose-driven, considerate and courageous!
10. Three things I hope to accomplish in the next five years:
*Hire four full time employees in Just Act and two full time in OPPORTUNITIES-PA
*Spend more time with my family
*Publish two books
*Help 30 homeless teens become self sufficient and graduate from college or start a business

 Want to connect with Justina? Find her on Facebook  and Twitter!


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