Linsey Daman

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Linsey A. Daman  Single Entrepreneur Spotlight

   Linsey Anne Daman

   St. Louis, MO

   Founder of Cultural Arts Center of St. Louis, LLC

   Author of Bridging St. Louis, Water Blue and Windershin



1. My business and how I got started:

As an early college graduate in French linguistics from Webster University, St. Louis I wanted to see, explore and discover the world one nation at a time. Hence I created the Cultural Arts Center of St. Louis, LLC with the intention of International expansion and having centers in other nations.
The Cultural Arts Center of St. Louis, LLC is a performing arts company delivering International music, cultural dance and global arts programs from around the world. The proceeds directly go back into philanthropic efforts and volunteer programs in developing nations and third-world countries. The business book Bridging St. Louis: One Cultural Step at a Time was published describing the future outlook for my center and how the city of St. Louis can be used as a stepping stone to help bridge the cultural gap between us and them in regards to International relations.

  linsey daman22. Why my product/service is better than the competition:

  As the director, I speak French, Italian, Spanish, English  
  and hold working knowledge of Portuguese which clearly
  gives me more of a competitive edge over most
  monolingual companies. Any of my services could be
  offered in the above languages and if someone is
  speaking an additional language, I could very easily make
  that language available for them through my multilingual
  staff and volunteers.
  Aside from my degree and linguistical capabilities with the
  company, I’m also trained very heavily in the performing
  arts field so basically I have two careers blended together
  between the language of a culture and the art of a culture
  thus meeting on the stage and resulting in the unison 
  between culture and arts together – hence, a cultural arts
  performing company.

  3. A typical day for me:

  Each day is completely different depending on the season or even which program is in full swing. New collaboration potentials are forming and thus resulting in several lunch meetings to discuss future details. A prospective collaboration opportunity always takes pride of place on my task list and hence is of the utmost importance.

4. What I love most about my business:

Being your own boss definitely has its benefits but it does not come without lots of headaches and hard work. However, my favorite part of my job is being able to set my own hours, calendar and priority list.

5. I’m cool because:

Back in college and high school, I was a cheerleader supporting my schools. In college, I cheered for the mens and womens basketball team and in high school I cheered for mens wrestling team. Personally I preferred cheering for the basketball games because there was more activity, fast motion and a lot more to watch.

6. If my friends nominated me for an award, it would be “Most Likely to…”

Most Likely to Succeed in Business would be the award I believe my friends would nominate me for due to my strong dedication, work ethic and drive. My high school career was completed early in three years along with my college career that was early as well in three years thus resulting in me being two full years ahead of my class. Immediately after college I commenced my own business and now am actively seeking ways to future expand my companys objects to other nations.

7. A movie made about my life it would be named:

The French Revolution would be the title of my film.

8. Strangest thing you’d find in my fridge, wallet or closet:

You will find costumes, clothing and outfits from all around the world in my closet. Most of them are for on stage performing purposes but enjoy a more traditional upscale European feel to my wardrobe.

9. Personal qualities I admire most in others

Honesty, Integrity, High Morals, Family Values, Well Spoken, Well Educated, Sophisticated, Refined.

10. Three things I hope to accomplish in the next five years:

1. Produce several product lines (fashion, cosmetology, etc)
2. Hosting a talk-show program or working on an educational documentary
3. A second or third business in an unrelated field would be quite a coup for me

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Linsey A. Daman is a multilingual entrepreneur, author, and founder of the Cultural Arts Center of St. Louis, LLC.

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